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5 Steps to Building Confidence

Confidence isn’t something that can be gained overnight, it takes dedication, realization and acceptance. Here are 5 steps that can get you started.

#1.Confidence choosing – I read somewhere that life is 10% what happens to us but 90% how you respond to it, your attitude is yours to control! It takes a conscious choice and effort to choose to smile to keep from crying! For one to keep looking forward to greater and better rather than embrace pessimistic ways of thinking. Our lives are riddled with choices but one of the most rewarding choices 1 could ever choose to make is to hold on tenaciously to future expectation for greater and better for their lives.

#2. Change the atmosphere – Heat, causes coffee beans to change in the atmosphere that they are submerged in yet the same heat causes carrots to wilt and the yoke of shelled eggs to solidify/harden. Will you be the changer or the changed? Life tends to get hard and we tend to allow it to push us into the shadows. The dark places become our dwelling place. The house-hold is allowed to get dark and messy. Our thoughts are dark and gloomy. We don’t care how we look or smell anymore. There’s no light in this state. Be sure of this, if we reside in a dumpster we will begin to feel like trash! So the call to action is this, “Clean out the house and turn the lights back on”! Morph the dumpster into a home. Clean out the car/truck and spray air freshener. Bath, dress yourself in fresh garments, eat, put on cologne or perfume. Get your hair done or cut! Put some inspirational music on and watch programs that ignite inspiration. “Turn the proverbial lights back on in your life and refuse to let them to go out no matter what Life’s atmosphere attempts to project to you.

#3. Speak and deflect – Watch what you plant and adamantly refuse to allow unfit gardeners to plant in you… Momma use to say,” watch your mouth” especially if you have said a cuss word or anything else close to that form of inappropriate speech. There is inappropriate speech, that doesn’t just equate out to vulgar or profane utterances but also hopeless, disbelieving and negative declaration upon your life or others. Speak light, life and good over your life and refuse to embrace anything contrary to this form of upright speech from anyone else.

#4. Exchange bravado and unmerited trust, for faith in the Creator – As a man (human being) I have been endowed by the Creator of me, with certain innate abilities! Vocal cords to talk, legs to walk, hands to utilize as my mind sees fit. Eyes to see, a mind to contrive or choose to do or not do. I-can-do something’s of my own accord as well as my fellow man/woman that comprise the fullness of mankind, but man’s strength and capabilities are limited as life tends to reveal. People: doctors, lawyers, business owners, and workers, professional athletes, thugs, gangsters, a.k.a. toughs, worthier male or female, young or old we can go only so far and do so much “but God” doesn’t get tired or weary! He doesn’t have to get skilled and learn etc. He knows all things already: math, reading, writing, medical, judicial, business etc. He’s not simply powerful up to a point, as we are. Therefore, nothing is impossible for God! So why trust in ourselves solely, or put full confidence naively in others(doctors, lawyers, professional sports players etc.) when faith in God puts the all Knowing, All Powerful One, in our situation to do what He deems good on our behalf?

#5.Effect by practice – Put into practice, the Confidence for the cure, “call” to action, because there can be no manifestation of positive results in your practical life affairs by positive thought alone or osmosis nor wishes or solely personal wants for better and greater but by a conscious, persistent effort to establish and maintain our much needed stance and state of that well-structured and accurately defined confidence that produces real life benefits in this life we live which at whim throws sour lemons at us, turns up the heat on us, and causes unexpected or unsought after, painful, taxing and unwanted scenario’s that potently, impact us as they unfold before us.

Therefore I forewarn you and encourage you with reference to how extremely important it is that you “answer” the daily call to “activate” the confidence which is instrumental in leading us to and effecting for us the cure to our individual ailments, afflictions or other forms of opposition! Effect your desired benefit by the conscious resolution to put into daily practice the (5) confidence to cure, principle’s I’ve shared with you.. Put them to work and receive your wage!

Be Bless