Diary of a Diamone

The day I was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer

When they (whoever they are) said that “your life can change in a moment” “they”couldn’t have been more correct. Today on September 7th,2017 at ripe and wonderful age of 36, I was told that I have stage 3 breast cancer in my left breast, and there are a few lymph nods on my left side that are showing cancer cells in them as well. This is so crazy I really don’t think I have fully wrapped my mind around what is being told to me, but I will!!

I arrived at the MD Anderson Nellie B Connally breast center at 7:00 am this morning to face the unknown, I have my people here with me and I really appreciate them, since I started this whole journey a few weeks ago they have been here for me and words can not express how grateful I am for them.

The day started with a bunch of health questions and getting me registered as a patient in the MD Anderson system. Second phase of the morning consisted of another mammogram (I wonder if Raul Leborgne the co-founder of the mammogram who came up with a new and improve method by compressing the breast before the imaging, so that the x-ray could pick up small areas of calcification and beginnings of cancer growth, ever had any of his body parts smashed in between to metal plates?? I will save that rant for a later post)breast ultrasounds and more breast biopsy’s. That lasted almost 3 hours, it got a little nerve wrecking towards the end due to them seeing other abnormal cells in my chest and up towards my neck, but after a few fine needle aspirations it was determined that no cancer was found. (Praise God!) 

I met my care team as far as the doctors assigned to me, they went over exactly what type of cancer and what stage, I was told me that they can treat me and to understand that this is not be a race, but more like a marathon. I recall Isaiah 40:31 coming to mind as I zoned in and out of what the Dr’s were saying. My treatment will consist of 8 months of chemo therapy, surgery and radiation. Chemo will start in a few weeks

As I lay here reflecting on the day I cant help but laugh and laugh out loud because if the devil thinks I am going to lay down and let him take me out like this he is sadly mistaken. I am not co-signing this foolishness over my life but  I do welcome the challenge!!

I honestly have no sad feeling’s I haven’t even cried about it, I will not doubt God and his power during this challenge.


Isaiah 53:5